About Us

University project with an educational vision and professional practice turned into a family business idea.

How did we get here?

This is how El Salvador Positive Tour were born 6 years ago in a classroom where ideas flow and become a reality, we started doing internal tourism where friends and family were our clients, through all the work, professionalism, responsibility, honesty of our entire team, and having the vision of eco-friendly tourism we were positioning ourselves and obtaining an excellent acceptance from our clients, that is how we made the decision to move forward and offer tourism services internationally through different electronic platforms.


Committed to caring for the environment and economic development in all the communities where we carry out our tours, we have implemented an afforestation program in affected areas and the rescue of protected areas or natural reserve areas, through the program “Sowing a tree, Sowing an opportunity” El Salvador Positive Tours plants a tree for each tour you purchase. Likewise, we support two communities with socio-cultural problems, which we provide educational talks and supplies to prevent violence and thus have a dignified life.

our position

We currently position ourselves as tour operator No. 1 on TripAdvisor, where we offer different services and tourist destinations. Our business idea is based on creating travel experiences designed to satisfy the needs and expectations of clients, showing the culture and identity of El Salvador, putting into practice the sustainable tourism model.