One of the projects emblems in El Salvador is “Cuna Nahuat” from Ruta de las Flores Regions (Nahuizalco, Santo Domingo de Guzman and Izalco) this project is to take care and to rescue our native language ” Nahuat Pipil” thats why we decide to sponsor this priceless project. Cuna Nahuat is a kinder Garden for kids of 3-6 years old from Ruta de las Flores Region, where they learn everyday its native Nahuat language. Thi sis so important for salvadoreans, because we can maintain avoid the extinction of the languagge .


Since we are working in El Salvador, we support our local people, as : Drivers, Guides, Producers, Providers and Partners are 100% salvadoreans from different regions. For Christmas we have a tradittions, we choose a different family every years and we have an special dinner and give them an special food basket.

environment protection

As Tour Company we know the problems that tourism could affect the environment, thats why we have different policies in our company, for example we make sure our clients never polute in our tours, at our office we separe trash ( plastic, organic and glass) 1 once a month we clean and recolect trash from differents tourism destinations.